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We are awaiting contact information from our main source of the really good photos, Peter Bockman of Anchorage Alaska. Pete flew for Greg Lahaie at Kantishna Air Taxi for years, after driving natural history tours through the park for many years prior to that. He has a great selection of mountain and wildlife photos available. Check back soon for details on how to contact Pete.

I must confess there are a couple of unknown soldiers in this website. The beautiful pink photo behind our logo, as well as the two photos of Mt. Huntington (wild cornices, and the dusky panorama looking south) were sent to me years ago by passengers on a flight. If either of you happen to find this website please email us so we can credit you.

If you have flown with us and would like to share your photos, drop us a line as well, we'd love to see them. If interest is high enough we'll create a gallery webpage. Thanks.
Speaking of Greg and KatAir, we're the closest air taxi to the mountain, and have been at it for a long time. We like to think we do a good job. Contact Greg at:

The music is what really makes these narrations work. Here's where you can find the musicians:
All the music on the Around Denali podcast and slide show: David Henderson

From the Alaskan Earthquake: Bob Long | The Gephart/Long Quartet
Again, thanks for listening.